On Farm USDA Inspected Processing Facility

427 NM-573
Tierra Amarilla, NM 87575

Custom Exempt and Custom USDA Processing

Slaughter and Processing Services by C4 Enterprises, Inc. Establishment No. 1503


Slaughter/Disposal Fee

Beef - $125

Lamb - $65

Goat - $65

Pork - $75

Processing Fee

$1.20/lb per hot carcass weight. All meat vacuum packaged and rapid frozen to preserve quality.

$1.00/lb for pre-made hamburger patties. *based on meat green weight

$3.75/lb for linked sausage. *based on meat green weight

$3.00/lb for bulk sausage. *based on meat green weight


We currently slaughter two days per week. Beef on Mondays and small stock on Wednesdays.

Call 505-470-6301 to schedule your livestock processing needs.