C4 Farms

New Mexico's Premier Grass Fed/Grass Finished Beef

C4 Farms is a small farm owned and operated by Tommy and Jessica Casados and their four children.  The Farm Headquarters are located in Tierra Amarilla, a rural town in the Chama Valley of North Central New Mexico.  The farm is comprised of 1000 acres of pastures scattered throughout the Valley.  

Our cattle spend their entire lives grazing a mix of irrigated pastures and native rangeland.  Our goal at C4 Farms is to grow as much grass as possible for our cattle to harvest.  To accomplish our goal we utilize a rotational grazing system that allows us to graze small pastures for short periods of time then rest those pastures from grazing until they have adequately recovered.  This grazing system provides many environmental benefits such as improving the water cycle and the nutrient cycle.  Keeping the soil covered is key to improving both cycles.  Living plants and the litter from dead plant material help to hold in soil moisture, making more water available for plant growth while also keeping the soil at an adequate temperature to sustain soil organism life.  Soil organisms drive the nutrient cycle by breaking down organic matter and making nutrients available for plant growth.  

The end result of our management is healthy, nutritious, and delicious beef for our customers!!